Major Holidays you Should Be on The Look Out For

Time flies when you’re having fun and chasing your dreams and one can easily forget important dates on the calendar. We tend to get so immersed in the hustle and bustle of life, our minds fully occupied, that hardly do we realize that time is passing by and without wanting to, we end up forgetting special occasions and dates. We, therefore, think it’s important for one to set reminders and mark important dates on the calendar.

Here’s a list of holidays we think you should be on the look-out for;

Easter Holiday (13th April)

Easter holiday has a Christian background that commemorates the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Even so, this holiday isn’t just restricted to Christians and many people around the world use this time to celebrate, new beginnings and re-birth, and what other way to symbolize this other than flowers? Flowers can be the best item to add to your Easter festivities as they add life to any space, lighten the mood as well as help you express yourself.

Mothers’ Day (10th May)

This day is set aside to celebrate mothers, motherhood, maternal bonds and the influence mothers have in the society. Mothers are without a doubt the gift that keeps on giving! Their love, selflessness, care and nurturing hearts are incomparable and they deserve to be celebrated because the world is a better place because of them. So how about marking this day on your calendar so you won’t forget to celebrate them? Maybe they’ll appreciate a gift, chocolate and flowers or perhaps good wine? Whichever way you decide to use to show them love, we think it’s necessary to show mothers that if they were flowers, you’d pick them every day.

Fathers’ Day (21st June)

Another important holiday we think you should mark on your calendar is Fathers’ Day. Many people don’t know this but Fathers’ Day has been celebrated as far back as the 5th century. This holiday is set aside to celebrate not only the influence Fathers have in the society but also acknowledge their contribution of sacrifice, hard-work and the paternal bond they share with their children. While most fathers aren’t the type to openly showcase their emotions, others don’t mind and would be open to floral gifts. Not to worry though if your paternal figure isn’t into flowers, we have a variety of gift sets that will sure capture their attention while expressing your appreciation.

Christmas (25th December)

This is perhaps the most anticipated holiday of the year and with good reason. Just like Easter holiday, Christmas has a Christian background and is set aside to celebrate the birth of Christ. Even so, many people around the world take this time to spread love, share gifts, and be with their loved ones. Despite the fact that this holiday is far into the year, we think it would be wise to start preparing for it ahead of time. Thinking of having a Christmas party? We have just the floral arrangement and gift ideas that will help you celebrate the festivities.

New Year (1st January)

There is always much to celebrate and be grateful for at the end of one year and the beginning of another, including; life, good health, family, friends, growth and success. The New Year holiday comes with new beginnings, noble ambitions and aspirations. It is the time when one sets the momentum for the rest of their year and we believe how you start your year is bound to affect its trajectory through the rest of the months. Need help with planning and setting up a new year’s party? We have you covered. Check out our royal events, décor and flowers, which are sure to start your year on a classy and elegant note.

Valentines Day (14th February)

Also known as lovers day, Valentines Day is set aside to celebrate the love shared between two lovers often through sharing flowers and other gifts. This is not to say, that people can’t celebrate other forms of love, be it between children and their parents, friends, siblings, and even oneself. Regardless of the form, we think love should be celebrated in a grand manner and we have ample floral arrangements and bouquets that will help you spread the love in a majestic way.

Whether the holiday is far into the year or its fast approaching, we think planning ahead is critical and we hope this article will not only act as a reminder for these holidays but also prompt you to plan ahead of time. Our next article will be on flowers and the occasions they best complement, so stop on by and remember, every day is a holiday as long as you’re around!

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