Long Distance Birthday Ideas to Make Your Loved One Smile on Their Special Day

Birthdays are special and should be celebrated despite the distance where the significant other or loved one is during their days. Distance should never be a hindrance in celebrating your partners, sibling, parent, children or simply your Bff’s birthday.

Although making someone smile or even tear up over a long distance is sometimes tricky, our long distance birthday ideas are totally unique and fun. Make their birthdays special and memorable by sending heartfelt wishes inspired by our fantastic selection of touching designs and arrangement.

1. Send them happy birthday flowers

Happy birthday flowers make a perfect gift to celebrate someone’s special day. Flowers convey your good wishes from afar as they evoke lots of emotions and feelings. Depending on your relationship, select the best combination of birthday flowers from our shop and have it delivered on time at their doorstep.

Consider adding some other add on gifts such as chocolates teddy bear, or a bottle of wine if the person is fond of them.

The best florist to deliver birthday flowers in Nairobi Kenya. Get some magic and put a smile on your loved ones from a far.

2. Send a Happy Birthday Cake

No birthday is complete without a birthday cake. Everyone deserves a cake on their born day. However, it’s not always possible to send a real cake especially if they are living abroad. Organize a virtual birthday party via Skype, what Sapp video call or any other social platform.

3. Send an E-Gift voucher

There are various instant gifts you can send your loved one via email to celebrate their special day. Whether your partner is a fashion fan, movie buff, massage lover or a gym addict, these are some of the best gifts you can offer them digitally and instantly. Purchase a voucher and choose the amount you wish to spoil your loved one with. It will be redeemable toward the items or services you want them to enjoy.

4. Celeb Calling or sharing the message

Use your loved one’s idol (Celeb) to pass the happy birthday message. Most celeb like creating short video of between 20-30 seconds that include birthday wishes and the person who sent the shout outs. Alternatively, you can send a shoutout request on radio. Nowadays, it affordable to hire celebs online. For instance, the Mbogi.co website is a good example of a platform to get in touch with Kenya celebrities’ at a very affordable prices. All you have to do is pay the amount the celebrity charges for the service. The rich and famous don’t do shout outs for free

Mbogi Website | Screenshot of their website

5. Send a Surprise Group Video

Record yourself singing for them happy birthday song. Send it privately, or make a public declaration of those long distance birthday wishes on Facebook or YouTube. What’s better than birthday love from a loved one? Nothing makes someone feel special and treasured than joyful wishes and smiles from people who they regard with high esteem .For instance, family members or close friends. This will surely melt their hearts.

The many video making applications available nowadays make the process even simpler .You just need enough time and relevant computer skills to make a super cute birthday video. If you are not a video editing guru, we got you. Sit back and we will make it look like a creative genius!

6. Send Them a Classy Birthday Card with Sweet Message and Send Them Inflated Happy Birthday Balloons

Well thought words can mean a lot to someone. Keep it simple and classy by sending a good old fashioned birthday card in the mail. This would brighten their day more than just a mere Facebook post or a whatsapp status. Check out your favorite card from our website and spoil them with great vibes as they turn a year older.

Just like a birthday cake and candles balloons create an overall atmosphere of fun. Get balloons with colors that the person prefers, fill them with helium and put them in a large box.it is imperative to send them overnight so that they are inflated when the recipient opens the box. Get a balloon brand that can stay inflated for long so as not to spoil the surprise. This is one of the easiest long distance birthday ideas, but still personal and thoughtful.

7. Surprise Them with a Personalized Art

Birthday is special time to spoil your loved one with a beautiful piece of art. Turn a special moment into art that lasts forever. For instance, you can think of something that the person loves or even a portrait of them. You can hire a creative and reputable artist create a unique and affordable design that will create an everlasting impression on the recipient.

8. Take Them on a Virtual Shopping

The advancement in technology has made it possible for people to shop anywhere around the globe. Let your loved one visit a fun shop and pick anything they like as your birthday treat. Then you pay for it from wherever you are using electronic payment methods acceptable. This will indeed be the sweetest long distance birthday gift they will always treasure forever.

Similarly, you can use a cloud-based video conferencing service to virtually meet with them on their birthday. Like this website https://www.samesurf.com/, Google meetings, Zoom etc.

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