Interesting Facts About Flowers – Why Flowers Should be Part of Your Life

There is no arguing that flowers are among the most beautiful gifts nature has to offer us. Without flowers, the world would be dull, washed-out and plain. If you’re a flower-lover like us, we know you not only know your flowers petal-to-petal and by name, but you also know what they symbolize and which occasion they best complement. The domestication and commercialization of flowers dates centuries back and over this time, a lot of interesting facts have been gathered about them.

Here are some facts about flowers we believe you’ll find fascinating:

The Rose Family

 Roses are the most commercialized flower species in the world and it is therefore expected that you would be knowledgeable about the flowers, but did you know that roses are related to apples, almonds, cherries, nectarines, raspberries, peaches and nectarines? Roses come from a plant family called Rosacea, which has over 4000 flowering plant species that include herbs, trees and shrubs and from which several fruits originate.

Healing and Protective Power

Most flowers are said to have healing powers, a belief that dates centuries back. According to Greek mythology, Achilles, a celebrated Greek warrior and hero was dipped in a bath of yarrow tea flower head first by his mother as she held him by his feet. The protective qualities of the flowers are believed to have made his whole body strong, apart from his heels, which led to his demise. The yarrow flower is still believed to have healing properties and was even used in World War I to heal the wounds of soldiers.

Worth More than Silver and Gold

Flowers can tend to get a bit pricey due to their pristine nature but did you know that tulips were once more expensive than gold! During the 17th century, there was a period referred to as Tulip Mania where, it would cost you more to purchase a single bulb of tulips than it would to purchase gold. It’s no wonder tulips are associated with elegance, grace and appreciation. How about sending your loved ones some tulips to show you value them?

Flowers as Veggies

Flowers have a wide range of uses from making perfumes to making essential oils. We however bet you didn’t know you have been cooking some flowers all along. Artichokes, broccolis and cauliflowers are among the most popular veggies in any market globally but few people know that they are actually flowers! Very few people also know that tulips can be used in place of onions when preparing meals.


You can never go wrong with the right rose flower. Whatever the message you want to pass across, roses are guaranteed to communicate it best. Despite their commercial and sentimental value, roses biologically fail to serve their reproductive purpose as flowers. Unlike most flowers, the petals of roses are packed too tightly for any agent of pollination to penetrate them. As such rose cultivars can’t produce fruits due to lack of pollination and it, therefore, requires one to plant cuttings of the plant to acquire new rose plants.

There you have it; some of the fascinating facts about flowers. Which fact did you find most interesting or do you have any fact you’d like to share with us? We’d love to hear from you, so comment down below. Want to find out more about flowers? Next week we’ll be sharing suggestions on the best flowers to give your loved ones on their birthday. So come on by, and remember, roses are red, violets are blue, there might be 7 billion people on earth, but none is like you!

Love, Midas Royal Events.

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