How ladies feel when you send them flowers – Why You Should Send Her Flowers

Most people do not know that ladies love and appreciate receiving flowers. As a popular saying goes, it as if flowers were made for ladies. Some people underestimate the act of sending or sharing flowers with a lady because they are not sure how they will feel. Whether it is a gesture to communicate love, friendship, condolences or even the birth of a newborn, flowers are a universal language that speaks to emotions. Flowers being a means of non-verbal communication provide an opportunity to convey messages in a subtle yet impactful way.


Communication plays a very important role in the life of a woman. According to this article in Psychology Today, communication matters more to women than men.

Giving Flowers to a lady sends a distinct message that makes them feel some type of way. How then do ladies feel when they receive flowers?


A lady who is grieving a loss of a loved one, a job or even a relationship treasures non-verbal communication. Giving flowers is a silent yet powerful message that allows them to reflect and internalize their loss while communicating empathy and understanding.


The language of love is dynamic and diverse. There are different types of love such as romantic love and friendship. Understanding your language of love is a terminology that is commonly used to define the methods which one uses to communicate love to others. Giving flowers communicates love in varying ways depending on the time they are given and even the choice of flowers.

Red roses send a universal message of love, passion and deep affection.


Ladies tend to play multiple roles in their lives. They are sisters, mothers, aunties, co-workers and many more. Playing all the different roles tends to take its toll and it is not uncommon for a lady to feel unappreciated and overwhelmed. Giving flowers just to show appreciation goes a long way in making her feel like the role she plays makes a difference and is appreciated.


Life is not short of ups and downs. Flowers bring about positive emotions and spring joy and inspiration in turbulent times. If a lady is going through a difficult season, or a challenging experience giving her flowers communicates that there is hope at the end of the tunnel.

Fond Memories

Flowers are a fabulous means to create memories. When a lady receives a beautiful and fragrant bouquet of flowers it will make her feel special. That feeling is etched in her memory more so if she receives the flowers unexpectedly.


The birth of a baby, graduation, a new job or birthday is a very special occasion for every lady. Giving flowers is a great way to celebrate a special occasion and the beauty of it is that one does not have to be physically present. You can send flowers across cities and she will feel celebrated.


If you are a shy or introverted gentleman and want to make a positive impression with a lady, send her flowers and she will feel admired. Ladies love little surprises and subtle messages that are best communicated through flowers from where they can derive the feelings and emotions being


Sometimes in life, we face uncertainty and have to make tough decisions. Such situations come with anxiety and self-doubt. Giving flowers to a lady who is going through such a season is a way of communicating that you understand them and support her. The feeling of support will empower her to
bold in her choices and will keep her encouraged.

At the end of the day, flowers make a lady feel many things, and most of them are good things. Flowers are a universal language of communication where feelings are passed through colour, fragrance and elegance.

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