5 Valentine’s Day Gifts you can Buy for Her

Valentine’s Day is a very special time of the year that you can express how much you love and care for your wife or girlfriend. A great way of awakening your inner romance during Valentine’s Day is through gifting.  There are different Valentine’s Day gifts you can buy for her, but there are different dynamics you need to take into account.

These gifts for Valentine’s Day need not be expensive. With just under Ksh 10,000, you can get your special someone thoughtful gifts that will leave them feeling special. You have to be very thoughtful with what you get her for Valentine’s so that she knows exactly how much you care for her.

Here are our top five valentine’s gift picks for her.

Buy Her a Bouquet of Valentine’s Day Flowers

Flowers are a classic Valentine’s Day gift not only in Kenya but across the world. Different flowers convey different messages and help express different emotions. Red roses are used to express love and affection and that is what makes them very special during Valentine’s Day.

You can never go wrong with flowers and with Kenya producing so much flowers, we are lucky to get bouquets for Valentine’s Day at very affordable costs. But don’t just buy any bouquet of flowers! If you want to make sure she falls head over heels, there are a few things you should consider:

  • Consider her favorite flowers – I know red roses are the most popular but could it be that she prefers another kind of flowers? If she loves roses and lilies then go ahead and get those; if she likes tulips or hyacinths better then opt for those instead. The point is that you should try and put much thought into the bouquet you are getting for her so that the effort is very clear when she gets them for you. The more you stay together, the better you understand her. So do not worry much if you are not spot on on your first try.
  • Presentation is everything – You know that you can buy flowers in the streets of Nairobi any day. But how special are these flowers? Make sure you get the arrangement right because presentation matters, a lot. It seems like a small issue but it can actually change how she sees you. Working with the right florist will help you stand out especially if you are nurturing a young love.

Get her flowers for Valentine’s Day and watch as your love blossoms.

Buy Valentines Day Gift for your Wife or Girlfriend

You Cannot Go Wrong with the Right Perfume

No matter her age, a girl loves her fragrance. Perfumes are one of the Valentine’s Day gifts that will never go out of fashion. This is because of the practicality of perfumes and the fact that they can be used on a daily basis. The beautiful scent you get her will have her thinking about you all though her day. This gift will last her several months and is a very affordable way to show her how much you love and care for her on this special day.

We all know that perfumes can also be quite expensive. So do your research and learn what she loves before you get all extravagant with your spending just to please her. Fragrances are so personalized and it is not always true that the more expensive it is, the more the recipient will love it.

However, always understand that love is patient. Even if you do not get it right at your first try, you will have many more days to better your choices as you learn each other even more. So, do not really beat yourself over the choice of perfume, especially if it is a young love.

How About a Necklace for Valentine’s Day?

A necklace is a great gift to give your girlfriend because it’s a statement piece. You can choose a simple piece or go bold with it depending on how much she is into jewelry. It also depends on what stage of the relationship you are in and how much you would want to spend on the necklace. You can go for long chains or short one with numerous patterns that you can choose from. As an alternative, you can consider a chocker, if it is something you think she would really be into.

If you have more time, you can opt for very symbolic ones that may include engravings and more personalized shapes. You can choose between gold and silver or other options in the market. Whatever your choice, just make sure you get a genuine product that will not start chipping off after a short while.

Necklaces make an easy gift option for Valentine’s Day that could not necessarily be that expensive. You can quite easily work with any budget that you may have for the day, but it is a memorable gift that will last long.

Buy Her a Beautiful Purse

Women can never have enough purses. This makes a great Valentine’s Day gift idea for her. You can find very good purses for women for under Ksh 10,000. You can choose to go for the classic purses you would find in malls and online shops or opt for custom-made purses with more personalize touches.

A simple online research will give you numerous options from Supermarkets to small retail shops that could have countless options to choose from. Purses are very practical gifts that will always remind her how much you care for them all through the day. Be creative with your choice and avoid the normal choices you would find in the streets. Be thoughtful and get something extra special. Afterall, you are getting this for someone special on an occasion so special.

A Snuggly Teddy Bear will do

The teddy bear is a classic Valentine’s gift that’s been around for many years and ladies still love it. Teddy bears are popular across all ages, and most importantly for you, you can get it cheaply for something below Ksh 10,000 depending on the size.

Teddy bears are available in many sizes, styles, colors and materials so you have many options when shopping for the perfect gift. You can customize teddy bears with a message or name on the inside of its belly button to make your purchase even more special on Valentine’s Day.

You do not have to Spend Much on Her Valentine’s Day Gifts

I know that we always want to make our mark when it comes to gifting, especially when it comes to Valentine’s Day. You would want to get her something special and memorable that no one else has thought of getting her. However, you still do not need to spend so much for her Valentine’s Day gifts. You just need to be thoughtful with the option that you get her.

Valentines Day Presents for Her

It is not so hard getting a very affordable gift that will really resonate with her. All you have to do is write down your budget and do a thorough research until you find the perfect gift for her for Valentine’s Day. With the Internet, you can easily cover much more ground as far as research is concerned before you set out on the ground for a few options you narrow down to.

You can find a great Valentine’s gift for your girlfriend or wife at any price point. All it takes is a little bit of creativity. Remember that shopping for her doesn’t have to be difficult, it’s all about finding what she likes and giving it to her. If you have trouble finding something then try looking online or hitting up the local mall where there will always be something appealing available especially during this time of year when stores are stocked full with Valentine’s Day gifts products.

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