5 Life Milestones you Should Send Flowers

All throughout life, we achieve various milestones. From the day you are born, there are significant milestones until late in life. These should never be taken for granted. It is important that you celebrate every milestone in life, especially when it is for someone you truly care about.  One of the best ways to celebrate is by sharing a bouquet of flowers. People send flowers as a gesture of appreciation, especially for a significant milestone achieved.

Milestones are a great motivation for someone to keep moving and get to even greater heights. It is a morale booster and therefore celebrating this with them cheers them on.

Send Flowers for These Significant Moments in Life

Some of these special occasions come just once in a lifetime, you can’t afford to miss to celebrate them. Below are the 5 significant moments in life you should send flowers to celebrate with someone you love or care for.

#1 Marriage Anniversary Milestones

It is kind of a cliché when you hear people say that marriage is not easy. However, centuries down the line, this still hold true. It is not a bed of roses but totally worth it. Therefore, when you get to milestones in your marriage, make these anniversaries memorable. It is an achievement not many are able to achieve.

Send Anniversary Flowers - Life Milestones

5 years, 10 years, 25 years or 50 years into marriage are milestones worth celebrating. It could be your own marriage, or that of people close to you. Your parents, siblings, uncle or aunt. Always send them a bouquet of flowers to let them know that you appreciate them and celebrate that particular milestone with them.

There are different flowers and colors or combinations for every wedding anniversary. Yellow is predominantly preferred for anniversary flowers because they signify happiness.  It is important to therefore talk to you florist so that you get the right bouquet for each milestone. You can opt for roses, sunflower or even daffodils.

#2 Career Milestones – New Job or Promotion

Jobs do not come by easily. Promotions on the other hand could be even ten times harder. The announcement of a new job or a promotion, therefore, comes with a rollercoaster of emotions and joy. Whether it is for you or someone close to you, these are milestones that are worth celebrating.

New Job or Promotion Flowers - Life Milestones with a Bouquet

It is a very rewarding milestone, and you can show your loved how proud you are of them by sending a bouquet of flowers to their office. Join in the celebration and show just how much you are happy for them for getting that job, promotion or even a even transfer they have been yearning for.

There is a lot of flexibility with the choice of flowers when it comes to career milestones. You can go for flowers or colors they love. You can send a the bouquet with other gifts to celebrate these milestones.

#3 Graduation and Other Academic Milestones

Much like career milestones, academic milestones mark years of hard work and dedication to accomplish. Whether a certificate/diploma, first degree or a Phd, these are achievements to be proud of. Flowers can be that perfect addition to the celebration to show them how proud you are of them achieving this milestone.

Send Graduation Flowers - Life Milestones to Send Flowers

It will boost the morale of the recipient and give them the motivation to reach even higher academic heights. You can choose to send your bouquet before the graduation ceremony so to add color and boost moods during the awarding. Alternatively, you can send the graduation flowers after the actual ceremony or during the after party.

The flowers will really boost the party mood and make the moment memorable. The photos taken during the event will also be much nicer with the blooms.

There are very many flowers for graduation ceremonies that you can choose from. Get flowers that exude joy and scream out “Congratulations”. Apart from roses, you can also opt for amaryllis, Camellias, Peonies, Lillies, Dahlias or Carnations.

#4 New Baby

A new bundle of joy deserves a fresh bundle of flowers. The arrival of a new born is normally an exciting experience, especially when the parents are first timers. An addition to a family brings so much joy and hope and a bouquet of new baby flowers and perhaps some balloons will make these important moments very memorable.

Flowers for New Born Baby - Celebrating Life Milestones

When choosing new baby flowers, it is important that you get information about the gender of the baby. If this info is not easily available, you can opt for neutral new baby bouquets. You can never go wrong with white flowers to celebrate the new baby.

When you go visit a new baby, it is also important that you carry a gift hamper for the new baby. This is why it is very important that you know the gender of the baby. It will inform you choice of flowers and gifts to carry for the baby and the newest parents in town.

If it is a baby girl, you can pick heavenly pink for the flowers and gifts and if it is a boy, the baby blue flowers and gifts will be perfect.

#5 New Business Venture

Starting a new business venture, especially in Kenya is very challenging. If you have someone close to you that has started out a new business, it is important that you offer them all the support that they may need. Sometimes, it is just encouragement that is needed to help them get by.

Flowers for New Business Venture - Life Milestones

One of the ways you can do this is by sending them a bouquet of flowers and perhaps a card with a special message of encouragement. These simple acts can help the boost the morale of the person. Let them know that their efforts do not go unnoticed and that you are there for them whenever they need you.

Flowers Express Emotions Better

Not everyone has their way with words. Flowers express emotions that sometimes words may not. Whenever possible, send flowers to someone you care about. It may just be the encouragement, acknowledgement, security or love they need. Flowers are relatively cheap and easily available therefore making them an easy way to express your emotions to a loved one. You can simply use various flower delivery services online to send flowers to someone you love to celebrate a milestone achieved. Milestones in life do not come by easily, therefore, celebrate every milestone by sending them flowers.

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