5 Awesome Reasons to Celebrate Mother’s Day

We all know that Mother’s Day is a special day that is meant to celebrate mothers. But what makes this day so special? And why do we need to celebrate it? Well, there are many reasons why we need to celebrate Mother’s Day. Firstly, it gives us an opportunity to reflect on the sacrifices our mothers have made for us throughout their lives and the role they played in making us who we are today. Secondly, it allows us to appreciate how hard our mothers work every single day just so that we can lead happy lives without having to worry about anything else but ourselves!

With Mother’s Day fast approaching, it’s time to start thinking about how to show your love and appreciation for the amazing moms in your life. This special day is celebrated all around the world as a tribute to mothers and motherly figures for the incredible role they play in our lives.

Whether it’s your biological mother, stepmother, grandmother, or a special motherly figure, Mother’s Day is a time to express gratitude and shower them with love. We’ll explore 5 awesome reasons why you should celebrate Mother’s Day and share some unique and thoughtful gift ideas, including Mother’s Day flowers, that will make this day extra special for the important women in your life. Let’s dive in!

1 Celebrate the Hard Work Your Mother Put in

Mother’s Day is a time to celebrate mothers for all the hard work that they do for their children. Mothers are the most important people in our lives, so it’s important to show them how much we appreciate them and everything they’ve done for us. They are the ones who raised us, cared for us and made sure we were happy and healthy. Mothers have a special place in our hearts and we should always remember to thank them all the time and most importantly during Mother’s Day.

2 All the Sacrifices She Made

The holiday is also an opportunity to remember the sacrifices your mother made for you and how much she has done for you. Whether it’s cooking every meal, waking up early to get ready for school, or helping with homework, mothers do so much for their children. They always put the children first and sacrifice a lot just to see you succeed in life.

3 Your Mum’s Positive Influence in your Life

Mother’s Day can also be a time when we reflect on how our moms’ influence has shaped our lives in different ways. For example: did your mom encourage a love of reading? Did she teach you how to cook? Or maybe she was more involved with sports–did she help coach the soccer team or take turns pitching at football games? Or perhaps travelling with you during drama festivals and cheering you on as you perform? Whatever memories come up when thinking about these moments will likely bring joy into your life today.

4 The Motherly Role that Shaped Who you are Today

For many of us, Mother’s Day is a day to remember our mothers and the role they played in making us who we are today. Whether you have your own children or not, you likely have fond memories of your mom from childhood and adolescence. Mothers are the first people we rely on and depend on for everything from food and shelter to love and guidance. They teach us how to walk and talk; they teach us how to read, write and count; they teach us about morals and values; but most importantly of all – moms give us their time. It is this constant shaping and guidance (sometimes with slippers and belts) that has made us what we are today.

Celebrating Mothers Day in Kenya

5 Your Mother is your Friend Too

Mothers aren’t just moms though, they’re also friends. When I think back on my childhood friends from nursery school days (I’m talking kindergarteners here), most had one thing in common: their mother was also their best friend at home too. We would spend hours playing with together while eating snacks or go to the mall after school just because you ran out of crisps in the house. These little gestures brought us very close to our moms and for the longest time we have been best of friends.

Go for Mother’s Day Experiences for your Mom

Instead of gifting your mom something expensive this year, why not do something nice by treating her to something special that will give her an opportunity to relax?

You can try out some of the following ideas for Mother’s Day:

  • Give her a massage
  • Take her to a spa for a total body and soul rejuvenation
  • Go for a walk with her in the park or along the beach if you’re in the Coast
  • Take her for a Safari in the Nairobi National Park or Masai Mara if you can
  • Take her out for coffee/lunch/dinner (depending on what time of day it is). If you’re feeling really adventurous, invite yourself along and make sure that whatever activity you choose includes at least one meal together! This way, you’ll have plenty of time for conversation and bonding over food–and maybe even dessert.
  • You could take her out for dinner at a nice restaurant or book tickets for a weekend trip with just the two of you where she can unwind and enjoy some quality time with you.
  • We know that Kenyan moms love cooking. If your mom loves cooking, you could gift her some cooking equipment or utensils she might want or need in her kitchen so she can continue making delicious meals for you at home without sacrificing quality time with her family members or enjoying some much-needed rest and relaxation time after work when she prepares dinner for everyone. There are lots of different options out there that will make great gifts for any mom who loves food and wants to spend more time preparing it than eating it.

Mother’s Day Flowers and Gifts never go out of Fashion

Flowers are always a great way to show someone just how much they mean to you, especially if it’s Mother’s Day!   Buying flowers online will guarantee fresh flowers delivered straight to your mother’s doorstep with no risk of wilting before she gets them. Preorder a beautiful Mother’s bouquet from online flower shops from anywhere around the world and give her a flowery surprise this Mother’s Day.

Buy Mothers Day Flowers

To accompany the flowers, you can include very thoughtful Mother’s Day gifts for her. Especially if you are not able to physically be present to spend the day with her, make sure she feels extra special and know that you appreciate her for all the effort she put in raising you.

Let’s Celebrate the Kenyan Mama

Mother’s Day is a wonderful occasion to show appreciation for the incredible moms in our lives. From the countless sacrifices they make to the endless love and support they give, mothers deserve all the recognition and celebration they can get. Whether it’s a thoughtful gift or simply spending quality time with them, there are many ways to show our gratitude and make Mother’s Day extra special. And while Mother’s Day comes around just once a year, let’s remember to show our appreciation and love for our mamas every day. So, this Mother’s Day, let’s make sure to celebrate and honor the amazing moms in our lives, and let them know just how much we love and appreciate them. The least you can do is buy them some beautiful Mother’s Day Flowers.

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